1983 Porsche 911 SC Targa

Monday, February 6, 2012

Gas Engine Removal

The car has been de-iced. (ICE = internal combustion engine). If you are doing this with floor jacks (some of us don’t have access to a car lift), one tip that saved me a lot of time is to jack up the front of the car a bit, to make it easier for the transmission gear selector shaft to clear the tunnel. Otherwise I followed the process in my service manual, and didn’t have any real problems.  I took my time, as this was my first engine removal, and it took about 14 hours working solo.

This is the before picture.

Draining the fluids and removing all of the connections to the engine (eletrical wires, tubes, cables, drive axles).

Lowering the engine to the floor.

Engine is disappearing.

The back end has to be lifted high into the air.  The engine then slides out.

Smelly, greasy, dirty, gas fueled beast has been liberated from the car.

Blank EV canvas.  It's a beautiful thing.


  1. That's a beautiful Porsche. I love how well you are documenting this project. I see that you are blurring your license plate, a good idea IMO. Since you are taking so many pictures it might be easier to physically remove the plates for the duration of this project and then freely snap and post.

  2. Thanks. That is a great idea. I have to remove the plates anyway because I want to install a black plate frame.

  3. Sure wish I lived 1768 miles closer! I would certainly be hanging out in your garage.