1983 Porsche 911 SC Targa

Friday, February 10, 2012

Extracting the Flywheel

I need to send my flywheel to my EV vendor so that they can make an adaptor for me. The flywheel bolts to the crankshaft of the gas engine. It is a large disk that smoothes out the pulse of the gas motor and it provides a surface for the clutch disk to transfer power to the transmission. With an electric motor, there is no need to dampen power pulses, but the flywheel is still needed to transfer power to the clutch. The adaptor will allow me to bolt the flywheel to the electric motor.

Unbolting the transmission from the gas motor.

The pressure plate is the first thing you see on the engine once the transmission is pulled away.  Under the pressure plate is the clutch disk, and behind that is the flywheel.  The pressure plate is a spring loaded assembly that applies and removes clamping force on the clutch disk, when the clutch pedal is applied.
This is the transmission side of things.  In the center is the input shaft of the transmission.  The fork actuates the pressure plate when the clutch pedal is pressed.  The oil is not supposed to be there.  The clutch is not something that is supposed to be lubricated.  I purchased new seals for the transmission.

The flywheel is top center, the pressure plate is to the right, and the clutch disk is on the left.  The flywheel bolts on with nine bolts.

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