1983 Porsche 911 SC Targa

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wheel Alignment and Weight Distribution

I can’t say enough good things about Rothsport Racing, an automotive shop in Tualatin, Oregon specializing in Porsche.  I took the car in to get an alignment after switching to stiffer torsion bars.  The shop was great. There were six car up on lifts, a machine shop, and several 911s, some set up for full racing. I was a little apprehensive bringing an electric Porsche to a Porsche racing shop, because I wasn’t sure how the car would be received. Jeff Gamroth, the proprietor, introduced himself, and after a quick show and tell, we took the car for a quick spin down the street. He liked the torque, but said the lack of engine noise was strange. We then pulled the car around into the shop bay, and five mechanics immediately flocked to the car. The silent entrance certainly got everyone’s attention. “Was that you guys? We heard a strange sound going down the street.” Everyone seemed OK with the electric modifications, or at least kept their horror in check. There were lots of questions about the batteries, range, safety advice to avoid electrocution while working on the car, and for the first time someone noticed my tachometer sensor mounted on the electric motor tail shaft. One of the guys joked, “At least you didn’t bolt on an LS2,” a jab at the practice of installing a Chevy Corvette V8 motor in a 911.

The alignment did wonders for the handling of the car. The steering is lighter and more precise. As a bonus, they also put the car on a scale. My conversion tips the scale at 3158 pounds (1432 kg), and is 408 pounds (185 kg) over stock. The front is heavier by 231 lbs and the back 177 lbs, shifting the front/back weight distribution from 38/62 to 40/60.

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