1983 Porsche 911 SC Targa

Friday, September 14, 2012

Counting the Costs

All of the major components for the project, except the charger, have now been purchased. I’ve kept records of my expenses. Not surprisingly, the cost of the batteries and the car itself top the list. All supplies, materials, and services I’ve incurred are included. Not included are the tools I’ve purchased along the way.  I also have not sold the gas engine, yet.  I still need to trace out some of the electrical connections on the wiring harness.  Selling the old gas related parts could recoup quite a few dollars. 

Some have asked when the project will pay back. Not for a very long time, at least in financial terms. I once estimated about 250,000 miles, making some wild assumptions about future energy prices. But that is not the point of a project like this. If cost and operating expense was truly the parameter to be optimized, the project would look quite a bit different. Just looking at the cars I see around town, price isn’t the only priority of most gasoline car owners, either. It will be nice to drive by the gas station and not require their expensive product. It will be even nicer to take a ride on some winding country roads, on a nice spring day, with the top down and enjoy the silent performance of an electric car that I converted in my garage at home.


  1. Amen. I've kept receipts, but it has been a while since I stopped counting them.

    1. I'm pleased that you are commenting on my site. I've followed your EV project for some time now and I think the work you have down is incredible.

    2. Indeed, I will be reading your blog with great interest. I think my next project will be a 911. Beautiful bronze and black Porsche color scheme, by the way.

    3. Please post a link if you decide to blog your next project.